Selecting a Massage School

The recognized massage therapy profession is growing due to recommendations by doctors and health care providers.

The tricky part of deciding on a massage therapy career is choosing a massage school. The number of massage schools to choose from is seemingly endless, and it may be difficult to decide which massage school is the best fit. Here are a few factors to consider before selecting a massage school.

First, you should choose a massage school that is accredited. The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) is one of the most prominent massage school accrediting bodies in the business. Massage schools that are accredited through COMTA are the most likely ones to have what you need to succeed.

Next, it is important to consider the overall length of the massage school program. Some massage schools offer graduation within a year. This is valuable only if the massage school offers a program that will provide adequate hours. Consider a program that will work in conjunction with commitments outside the classroom (i.e. work or children), but that also provides enough hours for students to learn all the required information.

Additionally, make sure to consider the program content. Does the curriculum of the massage school cover all the basics plus a little more of what is needed to complete a massage program successfully? More than that, does the massage program content prepare for work in the real world? Ask to see the curriculum of the massage school and ask if the curriculum meets state requirements.

Also, don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Just as it is incredibly important to learn as much as possible about massage, it is just as vital to gain experience. Employers like to see hands-on experience. Consider a massage school that offers a clinic to the general public. Not only will this provide the necessary hours of practice, but this also allows students to practice on a variety of clients.

Finally, upon successful completion of a massage therapy program, graduates should feel confident about taking the state licensing exam. Make sure that the massage school attended is reputable in preparing their students for this exam. It is crucial that the school has a support system in place for their students that will lead them through the state licensing exam process

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One can often discover that after you’ve already received a bachelor’s degree, and it turns out it’s a subject that you aren’t interested in. Where do you go from there? Do you follow the guidelines of your degree and work an unsatisfying job that doesn’t make you happy? Or do you listen to your gut instinct and wipe the slate clean, start over, and run the risk of a little time invested, but have a fulfilling life?

So many are faced with this situation, and so many turn a blind eye to the multiple possibilities that are right at their fingertips literally. A career that often some overlook is that of massage therapy.

In most cases, two years or less is the time frame in which one can obtain their certification in massage therapy and start to gain the bountiful benefits of a stable and well-paying career. Providing flexible hours, individuals can learn and work at their pace in massage therapy school. While making a sustainable salary, one is also allotted the needed time to tend to life’s many other responsibilities.

By attending a massage therapy program, one can gain essential business skills, learn how to maintain great personal relationships with a loyal clientele base, and promote health awareness in oneself and others. The best part is all of this can be taught in a stress-free environment, making it a pleasant experience that can relieve stress from your other everyday worries.

Massage therapy schools can be found all over America and often are located in great expanding cities such as Philadelphia; a city where the growth of the massage therapy market is very apparent. Massage school in Philadelphia can lead to a rewarding education in a unique field, and a huge benefit is that it’s quite affordable. Some programs can offer certification for only a few thousand dollars! On top of that, there are usually payment plans that can help provide a cushion for the financial responsibility.

If its traveling to and from school that poses a problem, conveniently numerous massage therapy programs offer their certifications online; making such a life to change hurdle accessible to you directly from your place of residence!

So if you find yourself seeking a new direction that can lead to an exciting future which also provides a beneficial service to others in need, look into massage school. You’ll be surprised how drastic of a beneficial change looking into something new can have on your life.

Tips in Finding Massage Training Schools

With your knowledge of different massage techniques and good customer service, you can be well-paid in entering massage therapy as a profession. If you’re interested in getting into this career, here are some tips on how to find out about massage training courses and therapy schools you can take advantage of.

Research how to become a massage therapist.
You can’t easily decide if this is the right profession for you if you are not aware what you are getting into. This career requires training, and with high-quality training, you can expect to spend time and money for your education. It’s better to research what a massage therapist is all about. This will also give you an idea about the particular opportunities you can take advantage of should you enter this profession.

Know how long it takes to complete your massage training.
It’s important to know right from the start the amount of time you need to invest in your training. This is so you can efficiently plan your training around your normal daily schedule without compromising your daily responsibilities or regular job. The amount of time required for the training typically varies depending on the type of profession you want to enter, as well as the particular regulations and educational requirements you need to comply with when you choose a city or state to practice massage therapy in. Check out licensing laws in your state to know the required training hours. Moreover, you can also check out the available programs offered at different schools in your area.

Determine the right course for you.
Different training programs focus on a variety of massage techniques and massage therapy specializations. It’s better to check the description and subject requirements of different courses offered so you can better assess if the program can provide an ideal training you can have. Focus on your current abilities, your preferences, as well as your career goals when choosing a course.

Choose a massage school carefully.
Apart from the program, the massage college itself plays an important role in your training. Here are some tips to get started on finding massage therapy schools:
* Find out about popular or well-reputable schools in your area through various connections. You can get the advice of professional massage therapists or do your research online.
* Check the accreditation of the school. Before you invest time and money in your education, make sure you are making the most of your investment by ensuring the credibility of the school. The massage school must be accredited by the government and professional massage therapy organizations so you can guarantee high-quality and up-to-date massage training.
* Consider the massage courses offered and the particular requirements you need to complete the program. Know about tuition fees, training hours, as well as possible employment opportunities you can take advantage of while you’re on your training.
* Compare each school’s offerings: from educational programs and fees, accreditation and reputation, up to the quality of training offered. Find Massage College for more info about massage training courses you can check out.